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The pharma machines are available as single door or pass-through double door version with the purpose of satisfying the layout and workflow needs and are all provided with  sliding doors to reduce the size and assure an easy and safe access to the machine during the loading and unloading procedures.
Our standard pharma machines range from 0.35 to 7 m3 volumes for normal washing requirements while for special demands we can manufacture customized washing chambers following the customer need




Steelco Small/Medium Washers
Steelco continues to grow and enhance its international reputation in healthcare by continuing its policy of investment in CSSD product development, Systems and Automations.
This range of products combined with Systems and Automations is at the forefront of the latest research and technology. It successfully incorporates all aspects of disinfection including ultrasonic and endoscope
reprocessing into a total bespoke solution.
Our systems and automations are designed to fulfil all customer expectations such as increasing staff productivity, saving time, water and energy consumption thus helping to create the basis for a long lasting partnership with our customer

Washer Disinfectors