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O.R. Case Work


Scientek stainless steel instrument cabinets are designed to provide maximum convenience and versatility. All floor and wall models come complete with stainless steel adjustable shelves, hinged or sliding (glass or solid) doors, and security locks.

Instrument Cabinets


Scientek custom manufactures and installs any type of stainless steel modular barrier wall to suit your specifications.

Modular Barrier Walls


A mobile, fully enclosed, stainless steel case cart ideal for the transit and storage of surgical materials for the O.R. This multi-purpose cart can also be used as a surgical back table.

O.R. Surgical Case Carts


Scientek Scrub sinks provide maximum convenience and comfort, allowing surgeons and O.R. staff to achieve the highest aseptic scrub standards. Water flow is controlled by moderate knee pressure applied at any point along the front panel. Automatic timed wash is available as an option.

Automatic Surgical Scrub Sinks


Scientek custom manufactures any type of Sterile Sorting Table to suit your specifications.

Custom Sterile Sorting Tables



A standard stainless steel pass thru cabinet / window suitable for many types of hospital applications. Scientek pass thru incorporates many features to provide a high quality window, adaptable to different wall thicknesses.

O.R. Pass Thru Cabinet


A recessed, wall-mount nurse’s writing desk designed to fold back into the wall when not in use.

O.R. Nurse’s Fold Down Writing Desk 


A standard wall mount nurse’s writing desk designed to suit all O.R.’s. Desk comes complete with integral drawer units. The SWD-100 forms a convenient work surface for nurses in the O.R. or other hospital areas.

O.R. Nurse’s Writing Desk