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 With a design life in excess of thirty years the purchase of a floor loading cabinet washer is an important decision. With the washer experience at Scientek we would like to make this an easy task.

Cart & Utensil Washer


Scientek custom manufactures any type of Wash Station to suit your specifications.

Wash Stations


 Scientek's Washer Decontaminators have been designed to combine greater processing capacity with multi-cycle programming options. Processing of surgical instruments, cannulated instruments, anesthesia items, basins, pans and utensils can now be handled quickly and efficiently in the well designed washer. With a capacity to handle up to eight (8) instrument baskets per load at a variable cycle time of 12 - 16 minutes, the washers from Scientek deliver excellent performance.

Washer Decontaminator  


 Scientek's Bedpan/Stainless Steel Waste Disposal Hopper is designed for efficient cleaning of utensils or disposal of contents. A simple "start" button controls the cycle of flushing and cold water cleaning. The entire process only take three minutes.

Bedpan/Stainless Steel Waste Disposal Hopper